Uniting community, in a really simple way.

Stoop Meditation are free community gatherings on a Brooklyn stoop, where we meditate together, get to know our neighbors, and embark on radical acts of compassion, towards ourselves, each other, and our world.   All are welcome!


Stoop Meditation Season 2


Every Thursday | 7:30am - 8am

May 31st - October 25th, 2018


453 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY


How Much?

FREE! NO RSVP needed!




For everyone! Beginners welcome; no meditation experience needed.

All are welcome - come on over - just as you are!

Have more questions?

Learn more about how we got started, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what happens on the Stoop, or bring your questions with you when you come!


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Inner Peace. World Peace. One stoop at a time.

We see people, in every corner of the world, from large cities to remote villages, uniting and gathering as a community and meditating together on their “stoop.”

All will be invited, no one is excluded, with the aim of living in an interconnected world and feeling the joy that happens when we walk together in love and kindness.

we need all hands on deck: CONTACT US with any partnership ideas you have.  we can't wait.


We believe in spaces that unite us as a human race, where we can drop the labels that society put in place, and simply connect, human to human, soul to soul.

We believe in communities and neighborhoods, that uplift each other, and are always looking out for one another.

We believe in the supportive practice of mindfulness, to open our hearts, and our lives, so we can be here for it & each other, fully.

We believe that there are basic rights of the human heart: love and connection.  Loneliness doesn't need to exist.

we start together, on one stoop in Brooklyn, NY. 

Stay in touch...

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We'll post weekly stoop reminders, topic announcements, weather cancellation notices, and fun photos!

IG: @stoopmeditation


Curious to learn more about what Stoop Meditation is all about? Check out the links below for more information on how we got started and how you can get involved in compassionate action with the Stoop community.


If you are interested in becoming a partner, to bring the Stoop Meditation series to your 'stoop', community institution, business, school, or company, you can email Danielle, directly:  Danielle@StoopMeditation.com. 

We look forward to collaborating with partners to spread the message of community, interconnectedness, inner peace, and neighborhood peace.