We have all come to know the basic needs for long term well being to be identified as food, water, shelter, and clothing. These are essential, so that we can be safe and healthy.

However, there are also the basic needs of the human heart: love and connection.  

At Stoop Meditation, neighbors come together, to embark on compassionate acts to help neighbors in need - shining a light on the needs of the human heart, creating more connection in the community, sparking joy, laughter, and breaking down those hard to see walls that can divide us.


What is a compassionate act?

Compassionate acts are opportunities to provide neighbors in need, with the basic necessitates, in a simple, and unique way, fostering one on one connection.  We've provide our  neighbors in need with socks, water bottles, gloves, and anything to make their lives a little easier.   In doing so, we take the opportunity to talk, smile, and laugh together, and remind them that they are not alone.

Previous compassionate acts

Bombas Sock & Glove Distribution

Jan 2018

The Stoop community volunteered to string together 125 winter packages consisting of 125 gloves, 250 pairs of Bombas socks, and a hand written note: "Stay warm, people care about you". 

Volunteers carried these packages around with them throughout their day, until they saw a homeless neighbor in need, and handed them the package, getting to know them, with a reminder that they have community around them that cares.

“My daughter and I were on our bike, and passed our homeless neighbor and gave him the winter package. On the way back home, the bench he had been on had a badly worn pair of socks in front of them. I was happy, knowing his feet are feeling warm, and he knows people care. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special movement. My connection to humanity is stronger than ever.”
— Stoop Volunteer from Brooklyn, NY

Get involved

Join our monthly community compassionate acts

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Become a partner

Whether your company is interested in donating product, providing a venue space for the compassionate act distribution, or you have a big idea to collaborate: CONTACT US! We can't wait to join forces.