Stoop Season #2

FREE & No RSVP needed!

May 31st - Oct 25th, 2018

When: Every Thursday @ 7:30am-8am

Where: 453 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

What exactly happens on the Stoop?

Each week, we meet on the stoop, from 7:30am-8am.  We begin with a 5 min talk on the weekly topic (which are announced the day before on instagram and facebook), then Danielle guides a listening meditation; we listen to ourselves (how we're internally feeling), and also tune into the life that’s happening around us (the sounds of the morning, the cars, the footsteps, the birds), opening up to how it's all interconnected.  If you have the time after class, feel free to stick around and meet some new folks!

What if I don't know what meditation is or how to meditate?

No problem at all, no previous knowledge or meditation experience is needed.  The meditation is guided, offering prompts along the way, to help you.  We end each session with a Q&A, where you can ask absolutely anything about your experience.  

Do I need to RSVP?

Nope! Just wake up, and come on over.  At Stoop Meditation, we're trying something new, by eliminating some small and large barriers that might get in the way of meditating, or meeting your neighbors.  

Should I bring anything to sit on?

No need to bring anything!  You'll be sitting on the stoop, that is lined with fabrics from around the world.  We also have wooden benches for a different sitting option.  Being comfortable while meditating is so important, no need to struggle through this, so we always take the time to settle into our seats before we begin.

What if it rains?

Stoop Meditation is weather permitting.  If it's heavy rain, class will be canceled.  Cancellations are announced on instagram and facebook.  If it's a light mist, class is on! It can be really magical to feel the rain, instead of being covered up by an umbrella - just another way to come closer to our earth, and the present moment.

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely!  Children come to the stoop every week.  Classes are geared towards adults, but that doesn't hold them back!  It’s a great way for them to start their day, in a safe and mindful environment that fosters kindness, well being, and community.  Children are a vibrant part of every neighborhood, and are great teachers to us adults, reminding us to play more, laugh uncontrollably, and express ourselves without worrying what other people are thinking.

I want to join the team, and teach on my stoop (or outdoor place), how can I do this?

Great! We have received an incredible amount of interest from people around the globe, that want to bring this community initiative to their 'stoop' (or any outside communal gathering place). We are putting together an expansion plan to invite interested people with everything they need, to launch and maintain a Stoop Meditation community in their neighborhood.  If you are interested, please email us so that we can reach out to you, when we're ready.

I would like to partner with Stoop Meditation, and bring this series to my institution, company, school, etc!

Wonderful.  We look forward to collaborating with all different types of partners - email us directly - we can't wait to talk.